Estate Planning Marketing Programs

Three Memberships to Choose From

An initial consultation with a MAP Consultant will help you determine which of these programs will best suit your practice…

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Membership Options

“Practice-Building” Membership

The MAP’s most popular membership is for practices that want to improve their overall marketing plan — from lead generation to lead conversion to referral generation.

An expert Practice-Building Consultant will customize the MAP’s 12-month marketing plan, based on your goals, and help you and your staff implement it. You’ll have access to a variety of proven promotions and systems to help you attract more leads, retain more clients and capture more referrals.

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“Seminar Marketing” Membership

If you already have a good conversion rate, and what you need is more consultations, a seminar marketing program can generate the leads and appointments you’re looking for.

You’ll receive a complete seminar marketing system — proven seminar promotions, Powerpoint presentations and seminar handouts. You’ll also receive complete instructions and unlimited coaching to help ensure your seminars produce the highest attendance and appointment rate possible.

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“Seminar Ad License” Membership

If you already conduct seminars and make lots of appointments, and all you need are more attendees, then you can license the MAP’s proven seminar ads on a territory-exclusive basis. The MAP guarantees its seminar campaign will generate results to your satisfaction — or you’ll receive a full refund.

You can test the results for yourself during a risk-free trial period! We’ll personalize a seminar campaign for you and place the ads with the media, to bring you lots more attendance.

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What People Are Saying

I'm not your only client, but sometimes it seems like attend to my needs so quickly.
— Oklahoma
We received 95 seminar reservations during our first week — we're blown away!
— South Carolina
Results from my first seminar paid for my membership for a full year. I've definitely gotten my money's worth!
— New York
14 appointments again yesterday these people were swarming that appointment table like never before!!
— Massachusetts
If I hadn’t gone with you guys, my bankruptcy would already be complete by now.
— Missouri
MAP membership gave our program the jump start it desperately needed.
— Oregon
It’s really amazing… I can’t believe the number of people calling!
— Indiana
We mailed a direct mail letter for a private seminar and got a 5.5% response rate!
— Oklahoma
The easy-to-follow, step-by-step program saves money and time by eliminating trial & error.
— New Jersey
We received 156 calls from our first seminar advertising. We had to book an overflow seminar!
— New Mexico
My gosh, we’re getting bombarded with calls!
— Massachusetts
We had five seminars and they were all packed!
— Arkansas
You know, I didn’t think this was going to work. I’m completely blown away.
— Florida
These seminars really work. It’s amazing!
— Washington